Monday, November 12, 2012

How to Create Facebook Banner using PicMonkey

few days ago, I was browsing and found a very useful website for you who likes editing photo. The Website is PicMonkey. When I was exploring this site, I found a template for facebook banner. Here's my current facebook banner which I made using PicMonkey.
I will share you how to create this banner using PicMonkey. Really fast, easy, and of course FREE. (*yeaaaay \^.^/*)
1. Choose "Create a collage" link box at the left.
2. Then, a new window will open and choose the second icon at the left bar to choose a collage layout to place your photos into.
3. Here's all of templates that you can use. For faebook banner, use FB Cover Template. Choose the grid you want and the template will show at the right frame.
4. To place your photo inside the template, click the first icon at the left bar.
5. Upload your photo, then click and drag into frame that you want to add.
6. You also can change the background color of template. To do this, click the third icon at the left bar. The new window will open and you can choose from the color palette for your background. The Spacing slider is used for the space width between frames photo. The Corner Rounding slider is used for rounding degree of frames photo.
7. When you done, click "Save" button at the top bar to Save the picture into your computer.
8. Change the filename and click "Save Photo". Choose your directory and Save.
DONE! Now you have new banner for your facebook. :) Easy, right?

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