Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blogroll Sharing

I really like browsing someone's blog and searching for theirs idea, habits and lifestyle. And lately, I'm interesting in makeup and crafts.. These are some blog or website that I found and I'm still reading them from their earlier post until the first post.. Hopes this blogs also give you guys an inspiring idea and good informations. Do you have any favorites blog to share..?

For Makeup

  • Beautifymeeh
  • I really really like this blog. The owner's name is Angel The website's like her diary and she shares a lot about makeup, her fashion look, some of cooking (actually, her husband that do the cook things.. ^.^), her skincare routine, her pictures, and other exciting things.. :D And, she is veeeery beautiful (her face is beautiful like her name.. :D ) and her husband is handsome too.. really a cute couple.
    O y, she is a freelance makeup artist and her husband is a freelance photographer.. She shares a lot makeup tutorial and also hair styles on her channel in YouTube.. and I already try one of her tutorial.. \^.^/
    These are some pictures that I got from her blog.. :D

    with her hubby (note: 'hubby' is what she call her husband.. =P )
    She already has a handsome boy baby.. :D Loot at him.. He's very cute, right?? Just like his parent..
    The baby has his own YouTube channel and blog

    And these are some her tutorial video.

    SNSD Yoona's Inspired Look
    SNSD Twinkle Tiffany's Eye Makeup
    Click this link to the tutorial studio, cause I can't embedded the video.. :(

  • Lovely Lue
  • Lovely Lue is another blog that contains a lot about makeup. The owner's name is Lulu. She is also a makeup artist. She shares a lot about her makeup, especially eye makeup and about her makeup tools. She also like doing crafts. And she lives in Indonesia, like me.. ;)
    I really envy of her face. It's look very fresh, smooth, like a baby skin. I called it a give cause my face is opposite from her.. :(
    My face is sensitive.I easily got acnes and there are a lot red-spots at my face. T_T hikz..
    From her blog, I read about her daily skincare routine and I'm doing that too. Hope my face will be like her, someday..
    Check this below for her photos and eye-makeups.

    with her husband
    her baby-skin Face.. Envy!!! >.<

For Crafts

  • Oh The Lovely Things
  • This site shares a lot about DIY and crafts. And also gives freebies template to be printed for personal used only.
    This some DIY pictures from the site.

  • How About Orange
  • This site just like 'Oh The Lovely Things.'

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