Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Camera Vs. Phone

these days, me and my boyfriend were confused about to buy camera or android phone.. We can only choose one of these items and both have the same price.. >.<

Check this below about what we want.

For the camera, we have two choice : The one is Canon EOS 1100D.
picture from dpreview.com

The second is Nikon D3100.
picture from dpreview.com

We have been asked our friends and some shop, and all of them gave different answer.. (#fiuuh, it made us more confused..) And finally, my boyfriend choose the second one because his friends said that this one gives the better image result, but harder at operational for beginner.. He wants the challenge, so he choose this one.. hmm..

For the phone, both of us want the different type. I choose Samsung Galaxy Note 1 or LG Optimus Vu. After compared them, my choice is LG Optimus Vu, because with the same price. LG Optimus VU has a lot better performance and features than Galaxy Note 1.

LG Optimus Vu - picture from androidcentral
Samsung Galaxy Note - picture from androidcentral

My boyfriend chooses LG Optimus 4X.

picture from androidcentral

Now, we already choose what type that we want for both items, but we haven't decided which one that we will buy first... Are you have any opinion about which one that more interesting..? :)

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